Understanding what can you feed guinea pigs

Summary: There are certain food items that are excellent for guinea pigs, some more than others. Understanding what works best, learning about their preferences and what is healthy for them is important if you want to know what you can feed guinea pigs.

what can you feed guinea pigs

What can you feed guinea pigs?

Most people who have pets are quite worried about their diet, what is the best food to feed them, the kind of care they need and so on. Guinea pigs are quite easy to care for, if you just know some simple tips and especially when considering what can you feed guinea pigs, things are quite simple and easy to follow. Also making sure that they are in a cage with plenty of roaming space is important, at the least make it 18 inches of space, although it is small, it needs room to move around.

What can you feed guinea pigs and when

They are quite active and love to have little spaces to hide in or sleep in as well, so ensure this is there in the cage area. When considering what can you feed guinea pigs, don’t automatically assume you can learn as you go. They are quite sensitive to dietary changes and don’t take well to drastic changes in their food. Make sure you spend some time reading up on and understanding what your pet likes to eat and also what it needs. Like any pet, it needs good care, grooming and a healthy diet for a longer life.

Rabbit food is something most people think is just as good for guinea pigs, don’t make this mistake. The food habits of guinea pigs is quite different from that of rabbits and you need to make sure you know this. They are animals that require plenty of chow and water, particularly vitamin C as their body does not produce it as in the case of most small animals. A chow constituting 20% protein, 1 gram of Vitamin C per kilogram and 16% of fibre is a good idea when caring for the guinea pigs. Mix in Vitamin C in the water you give them.

Drink mixes are a good way to supplement the vitamins they need but also give them the right kind of food. Leave a quarter of an orange for them and also leaves of cabbage from time to time. Make sure that you also thoroughly wash the fruits before feeding it to the guinea pigs. This is all simple tips to follow as you can see when it comes to understanding what can you feed guinea pigs. It is also important to remember that fresh fruits and vegetables are not the staple diet of these pets. You can give them as supplements and are supposed to be about 16% of the natural diet they follow and not the only thing they eat.

Water is something you have to pay a lot of attention to. Changing the water and always giving them plenty is important especially when the weather gets hot. Drops style water dispensers are great idea when you are wondering what can you feed guinea pigs. Refill the water every two days and never wash it using any harsh chemicals as it will seriously hamper the growth and well being of your pet. Rinsing it thoroughly and washing it once a week with disinfectant soap is an excellent technique to clean this. Have a look through the books on the right for more on the subject of what can you feed guinea pigs.