Life Span of Guinea Pigs – Proper Care for Different Breeds

Summary: The life span of guinea pigs varies among the different breeds. However, their total life span is about 4-7 years and sometimes 8 years.

life span of guinea pigs

What is the life span of guinea pigs

The life span of guinea pigs is not that long; it is about 4-7 years. Guinea pigs are widely found in Central and South America. A species of rodents, they are also referred to as cavy. Guinea pigs make ideal pets, as they are very social and love to mingle with humans. As they do not bite, they are the ideal pets for children. The breeding of guinea pigs is popular worldwide, and specialized breeding has produced different composition and colors of this breed.

Life span of guinea pigs and how to maintain quality of life

The life span of guinea pigs can be met to its full without any illness, if proper care is taken to avoid illness. Some of the common ailments that affect them are respiratory problems, heart disease, arthritis, diarrhea and infections. Preventive measures are essential to keep the guinea pigs healthy and to help them have a normal life span.

The average life span of guinea pigs like the Peruvian and Sheltie is around 5 to 6 years. These longhaired guinea pigs fall down over their face and the back. These need a lot of grooming too because of the long hair. The Abyssinian guinea pig has a fur pattern of 8-10 whorls, making it quite distinctive from the other guinea pigs. However, despite their wild whorls on their coats, they do not need much grooming. They have the tendency to keep themselves quite clean. The lifespan of guinea pigs of this breed is about 4-7 years.

The Coronet guinea pig, initially bred in the 1970s in England, is the result of cross breeding American crested guinea pig and Silkie guinea pig. This breed has long hair with a crest on top of the head. The owners of this breed usually trim the hair. For a long life span of guinea pigs of this kind, proper diet and exercise are very necessary.

The skinny guinea pig is considered an unusual breed as it has no hair. There are two types of this hairless breed. Baldwin is the other one. They are the most popular ones, as they are very playful. Though they have the general life span of guinea pigs, they need a little extra care. Due to the hairless body, they are injured fast. They are also more sensitive to sunlight and temperature.

The dense wiry coat is the unique feature of a Teddy guinea pig. Due to its wiry hair, daily brushing is very necessary to get rid of any debris stuck inside. This breed has a tendency to get skin infection so the long life span of guinea pigs of this kind depends on their grooming and diet. They also live up to 7 or 8 years.

The Texel is considered the most beautiful among the guinea pig breeds, for it has long, curly and silky hair. Without doubt, this guinea pig is always in the center of attraction at pet shows. The white crested guinea pig is a rare and unusual type, looking quite monarchy with that white crest on its head. The life span of guinea pigs of this breed is 5-7 years, and without doubt depends a lot on the diet, exercise and grooming. They make the most loving pets to have in a family.