Guinea Pig Urine

Summary: For any animal kept as a pet, urine can be an indicator of health and most people are unaware what guinea pig urine is supposed to look like. The urine of a guinea pig is supposed to be milky white and any color other than this means there is probably something wrong with the diet of the guinea pig.

guinea pig urine

Those who have guinea pigs often have questions about guinea pig urine. That is one of the things you must monitor if you have a pet. The urine can be an indicator of the pet’s health. For that matter, all appearance and behavior characteristics of the guinea pig or any other pet should be monitored. If there is anything out of the ordinary, that means there is probably something wrong with the pet and that needs attention. Possibly medical attention. It would help to have a good knowledge about the animal you are going to adopt as a pet. Nobody expects you to have veterinarian level knowledge when it comes to pets, but you should at least be knowledgeable enough to know and identify symptoms as and when they occur and manifest themselves.

Guinea Pig Urine

You should also know a thing or two about guinea pig urine. The urine of all animals, humans included is an indicator of health. Wouldn’t you be bothered if your urine appeared as little too dark? That could be blood. Or maybe some sort of chemical imbalance. The point is, you tend to notice these things because you know what the color of human urine is – light yellow. Anything other than that is cause for concern. If the color deviates from light yellow, then there is something out of the ordinary in your system and you should do something about it.

Guinea Pig Urine – Rules

The same rule applies to guinea pig urine. If you know what normal guinea pig urine looks like, you will also know what it looks like when it is abnormal. Usually, the urine of a guinea pig is supposed to be milky white. That is the normal color, not yellow like in humans and most other pets. This is quite a unique color for urine, but then again the guinea pig is a unique animal with some unique traits. This could make it a challenge to take care of for some, but just observe some general rules of guinea pig care and you will do fine.

Guinea Pig Urine – Color

Guinea pig urine is white because it has something to do with the physiology of the guinea pig. Did you know that guinea pigs cannot synthesize vitamin C on their own? That is right, this is a problem with guinea pigs. All mammals can usually synthesize this very important nutrient within their own bodies but not guinea pigs. They depend on external sources for vitamin C. Hence, guinea pigs end up ingesting a lot of vitamin C rich food. Now it so happens some of the foods that are rich in vitamin C, like spinach, which the guinea pig eats also happen to be rich in calcium. The guinea pig ends up taking in a lot of calcium as well. The excess calcium is removed from the system through urination and that is why the urine of a guinea pig appears white. Through proper diet, you can maintain the health of the guinea pig and the urine will be the color it is usually supposed to be.