Guinea Pig Squeaking
Summary: There are various guinea pig squeaking meaning that are made by these animals. Each meaning signifies a particular feeling or condition of the mind.

guinea pig squeaking

Guinea pig squeaking and what it means

There are various meanings of guinea pig squeaking. The languages of guinea pigs are subject of immense research and study, and there are plenty of scientists and researchers who deal with this. As per the research, the sounds that guinea pigs have significant meaning associated with them. The main motive of these sounds such as guinea pig squeaking is to communicate the feelings of the animals to other animals like humans. There are various meanings related to the squeaking of guinea pigs. In order to have an understanding of these sounds, you need to notice the gestures of the animals in a minute way.

Guinea pig squeaking research

According to research, the body language of these animals tends to change according to the guinea pig squeaking sounds. By judging the body languages, humans can get an idea of the feelings of these animals. In most cases, when guinea pigs make a normal squeaking sound, it means that it is feeling comfortable and content. Guinea pigs love comfort and if they get that secure and comfortable shelter where they can sleep in peace, they tend to make the squeaking sound. However, this is just the normal sound that they make. In some cases, the same squeaking sound is done in a different way to denote something else.
As said earlier, the guinea pig squeaking sound may have different meanings based upon the situations. For example, the squeaking sound may also sometimes denote that the animal is in great danger or is feeling insecure. In such cases, the squeaking sound is also accompanied with a kind of purring sound. If you ever notice your pet guinea pig making such sounds, you have to understand that it does not like the place or is feeling insecure. In such cases, you have to take it to some other place where it feels better. Unless the animal feels better, it will go on making the squeaking sound with the purr.
At times, the guinea pig squeaking sound may also mean that it is very excited. In such case, the pitch of the squeaking will be very high and may also be accompanies by a soft purr. Such situations mainly take place during the mating season when the male guinea pig tries to attract the female. The body language of the animal also changes in this case which helps you to distinguish it with the other guinea pig squeaking sounds. Lots of pet owners in fact let their pet guinea pigs in the open in the mating season so that it can find the pair.
In some cases, guinea pig squeaking sounds may be done by pet guinea pigs when they see a stranger. In such cases, the animal may try to hide itself from the new comer whom it is not accustomed to see daily. If such cases arise, it will take days for the pet to get accustomed to the new stranger and condition. This mainly takes place in case of baby guinea pigs that are very shy and frightened and therefore keeps the guinea pig squeaking .