Top Tips To Deal With Guinea pig sneezing

Summary: Many people often experience a problem of guinea pig sneezing with their pets at times. Understanding what are the allergens and irritants that can complicate things will allow you to sort things out better and make sure things are taken care of.

guinea pig sneezing

How to deal with guinea pig sneezing

Having a pet guinea pig is quite exciting. These creatures belong to the rodent family and are quite easy to take care of them if you are patient and know what to do. If you have a guinea pig sneezing a lot, then you must pay attention to it. These are quite fragile creatures when they fall ill and the sooner you take care of them the faster they will recover. Things can spread to the other guinea pigs quite easily too, so make sure you try and put the one that is sneezing a lot in a separate enclosure. Most of the time it is indicative of a respiratory infection problem or else it may just be a problem with the bedding being too dusty.

What causes guinea pig sneezing?

When there are certain aspen or wool products being used for bedding for the guinea pig, it may cause some complications which make it difficult for it breathe or function well. Therefore make sure that you take proper care to change the bedding from time to time. Also use simple products that are most comfortable for the guinea pig, if you have guinea pig sneezing so that they will not find any allergies hampering their functioning. With the right care and observation, you can make sure that things are alright and that your pets are healthy and happy at all times.
You can also make sure that it is not any other factors that is making the guinea pig sneezing happen often. Observing your pet for some days will help solve the situation faster as you can easily find out the cause of it. Laundry detergent or fabric softeners should not be used to wash the materials you use with your pet as these can also cause irritation and discomfort for it. Make sure you don’t wash the cups, cloth, hideaways or other play area items with these items or other harsh chemical substances to keep them free of allergies. guinea pig sneezing can be solved easily if you know the root cause.
Also be careful not to spray anything near the pets. Air freshener products are also quite harmful for them and can cause complications. Strong odors in carpet cleaning fluids and other substances are also allergens, so use them with caution around your pets or their area if you have problems with guinea pig sneezing.
If your pet is not showing any symptoms of a respiratory infection like difficulty with breathing, you can solve the guinea pig sneezing problem easily enough by taking care of these factors. Also make sure that you change their water and clean the cage with water and a wet cloth without any chemical substances being used. If the sneezing is persistent and the pets look tired or unenergetic, make sure you have a veterinarian look at them before things get out of hand. Early detection and care works great with all pets. Avoid using items with a strong odor or even low intensity, plug-in fresheners as they can cause irritation and guinea pig sneezing.