Learn How to Trim Your Guinea Pig Nails with Ease and Comfort

Summary- Grooming your guinea pig nails can be indeed a difficult task, as the animal is a frisky one and it can give a little pain to the creature also. There are a few things that need to be taken care of while holding it steady and also required is the proper knowledge of how the process has to be carried out so that the quick is not cut while trimming the nails.

guinea pig nails

All of us, who own guinea pigs, are very fond of them and try our best to take care of them in all ways; and a part of this care taking schedule is regular guinea pig nails clipping. It is a very important part of the grooming that we give to these pets as they ensure their cleanliness and also prevent them from sticking their feet in rough surfaces due to long and pointed nails getting stuck in it.

Guinea Pig Nails

One must know that it is indeed a tricky task as the animal we are talking about, is a frisky one that doesn’t like being held for long, due to which cutting its nails becomes a bit difficult. Therefore, the first and foremost point of care while clipping their nails is holding them correctly and firmly. One may take the help from a friend or family member to hold it until you cut its nails. Initially, the animal also feels a bit scared taking the guinea pig nails clipping process but gets used to it when it becomes a part of the schedule.

Guinea Pig Nails – Tips

Some of the following tips can be of use in the task:

  • Try making the animal sit on your lap while facing on another side such that it doesn’t back up.
  • You can also try to hold it in an upright position such that your hand is placed around its chest, so as to form a good grip over it. You can also try to hold the leg the toe nails of which you are trying to trim in your fingers.
  • Another effective method of trimming guinea pig nails is by wrapping it up in a towel, keeping only one leg outside, the nails of which you want to trim. However, don’t make it feel uncomfortable in any way.

One can use the normal human nail clippers for this task, but for those who like to show perfection and devotion to the pet, can also go in for the clippers made for cats and other animals. These can be easily bought from pet care and accessory shops. Trimming of guinea pig nails should be done at least once in a month. The frequency can vary as per your choice and requirements, however. Undertaking the task after not too long time intervals is preferable as with the increasing length of the nails, they tend to become harder and thus, difficult and riskier to trim. We use the term riskier as with the nails of guinea pigs have a blood vessel running in them, known as quick. With the increased length of the nails, this quick gets thicker and can get cut during the trimming process. So it is always better to do this more often.

Guinea Pig Nails – Trick

The trick of cutting the guinea pig nails lies in not harming the quick and trimming only the sharp tip on them. In case the nails of your pet are translucent or light, the quick can be identified as the pink part inside it and those who have dark pets should be a bit more careful. However, with practice one can gain perfection in doing this task without giving pain to the little beast. In case you are doubtful about your capacities or scared to harm it, you can seek help from a professional animal groomer to trim guinea pig nails all the better and take tips from his work.