How to Deal With a Guinea Pig Death

Summary: Death is inevitable but tragic and especially so if happens to be that of a loved one –human or animal. Coming to terms with a guinea pig death is important not just for humans but also the other guinea pigs who are thinking sensitive animals and they need to acknowledge the death of their fellow guinea pig.

guinea pig death

A guinea pig death can be quite saddening for someone who has grown really attached to these cute little critters and many people can find it hard to come to terms with the fact that they are dead. Guinea pigs are very popular as pets due to their many desirable traits. They are much bigger than hamsters and gerbils and hence easier to manager, they won’t get lost. They are very docile and well-behaved. But when a guinea pig does die, not only the human owner of the guinea pig but the fellow guinea pigs also need to come to terms with the death. It is important in both the cases.

Guinea Pig Death

For humans to deal with a guinea pig death, it depends on the temperament of the person. Some people will grieve the death like it is that of a close relative. They will be that attached to the animal. Others might be a little less sensitive. But why not try and avoid the death of the guinea pig to begin with? These animals need love, care and attention and if you create an atmosphere that is really good for them, they will live really long. You need to give them the best of food, living space and medical attention. But then again, death will occur at some point and is inevitable.

Guinea Pig Death – What To Do

If a guinea pig death does happen, well it would help if you happen to be the kind who anticipates death. Be aware that the average life of a guinea pig is around 4 to 5 years. If your guinea pig has lived to be more than five years, that means it is 60 years old in human years. Be prepared, the guinea pig can die any time. With great care and attention, a guinea pig may live up to be 8 years old, but that is as rare as a human living to be above 100 years of age. So the point is, just be ready to face the worst when it happens.

Guinea Pig Death – Effect

But a guinea pig death will affect not only humans but also other guinea pigs that may have been living with the deceased guinea pig. Guinea pigs are social animals, but their lives are not as complex as that of humans and the death of a guinea pig will not have the kind of ramifications that a human death will have. Nevertheless, they can get emotional and will be aware of it when they see that another guinea pig has died.

When there is a guinea pig death, the other guinea pigs will feel it and you will need to respect this. When a guinea pig is about to die, better separate it from the rest, lest whatever is making it sick be contagious and affect others. Make sure the guinea pig will be in sight, or the others might be wondering where it has disappeared all of a sudden. But keep the guinea pig in sight of the others. This way, when the guinea pig dies, the others will be aware and will acknowledge the bereavement.