Fat Guinea Pigs – Make them Fit and Slim to Avoid Health Problems

Summary:  Fat guinea pigs may look very chubby and cute, but they are at risk for many kinds of health problems. Arthritis, liver problems and heart disease are some of the illness affecting them.

fat guinea pigs

Fat guinea pigs are at risk health wise, so it is necessary to take preventive measures to control them. Guinea pigs make great pets, especially for children, as they are very mild natured, sociable and do not have the habit of biting people. In fact, they love to interact with people. Their food consists of guinea pig pellets, hay and fresh vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C is a very essential supplement which should be fed to them in tablet form. Like the humans, they cannot produce vitamin C.

Fat Guinea Pigs

The ideal weight for a female guinea pig is one and a half pounds, while for a male it is from one and a half to two pounds. The fat guinea pigs carry their weight on their legs and joints, so additional weight usually leads to painful arthritis problems in them. The strain on the body of fat guinea pigs increases as they age bringing about complex health problems. They even get heart problems like human beings. Preventive measures should be taken from the very beginning to help them keep a normal weight. However, if the guinea pig is already fat, you can take some measures to help reduce it.

Fat Guinea Pigs – Why?

The foremost reason for fat guinea pigs is overeating of guinea pellets. As these pellets contain vitamin C, which is very essential for them, it is often advised to feed them more. The best way to reduce pellets without scaling back on vitamin C is to give them more of vegetables and fruits which contain this vitamin. Red pepper, and oranges contain a high dose of vitamin C. Eating these will easily fulfill their dietary needs.

Fat Guinea Pigs – Excercise

Exercising fat guinea pigs is the best way to help them reduce their extra weight. The cage can be expanded to give them more floor space to play around. Introducing new toys to interest them is a great way to make them play. For a bored guinea pig will not move around, hence the waistline will increase.

Providing healthy snacks is another way to slim down fat guinea pigs. Some snack treats do have preservatives and sugar which will lead to obesity. This is especially true if it has a sweet tooth. The best way to satisfy the guinea pigs with sweet tooth is to give them sweet fruits, like apples, grapes and melon. There some crunchy nuggets available in the market.

The growing guinea pigs need a lot of protein and calcium in their diet. However, if this same diet is fed to adults, the result will be fat guinea pigs. The more they are fed on commercial diets, the more are the chances of obesity. Hay, and fresh fruits and vegetables are the best food to give them. These will fulfill their dose of fiber to help the intestines work properly. Vegetables which contain starch should be avoided as it promotes gas formation. Always check if the flowers, roots or vegetables are poisonous or not before feeding them to guinea pigs. Timely veterinary check is essential to monitor the health of fat guinea pigs.