When and Why do Guinea Pigs Bite?

Summary: Do guinea pigs bite? Yes, there are some reasons as to why guinea pigs bite, which only those who deal with them regularly will know.

do guinea pigs bite

Do guinea pigs bite? The answer in all probability is no. Guinea pigs, being some of the most gentle creatures, and the most cuddly pets, are known for their sweet temper; however, they do bite albeit very rarely. Their general tendency is to hide when they are scared, and they are also known to leave the scene without putting up a fight against their adversary. This makes them an ideal pet choice, safe for both adults and children.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite?

If you ask a regular breeder, do guinea pigs bite, the answer that you would probably get is that they tend to nibble at the holder’s fingers, especially when they smell something edible on it. These animals are gifted with a keen sense of smell, and unconsciously make an effort to nibble at your fingertips, should they smell food. That’s why it’s always safer to thoroughly wash your hands before you start fondling a guinea pig. Baby guineas also have a natural tendency to nibble on everything, like human infants, and they tend to identify everything in their environment by tasting it first. This, of course, is a passing phase, and they outgrow it later.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite? – Doubts?

If you are still harboring doubts and wondering do guinea pigs bite, here’s the answer. They do. It’s undoubtedly a rare phenomenon, but if at all it happens, don’t reject the animal. Rather train it, so as to help it to get rid of the habit. A guinea pig usually bites out of fear, or has characteristic traits of being more domineering. This is seen mostly in males. For the guinea pig that is perpetually frightened and tends to curl up at the slightest provocation, reach into the cage, and stroke its head gently. Gradually start increasing contact with the animal till it feels assured with your touch. This will control its tremors and shivers, and help it stop the habit of sporadic nibbling. The process, however, will need patience and time.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite? – What To Do?

Ask regular handlers, do guinea pigs bite, and you will be told that the aggressive ones tend to bite more. When bitten, don’t whine, and make sounds that project discomfort or pain, because this gives the animal an impression that you are weak, and will make the situation worse. Moreover, never hit or shout at the animal. Should this problem recur, it’s always better for adults to handle the situation, rather than children who generally lack the patience to wean the animal off the bad habit.

A guinea pig bite can carry with it a number of microbes that are harmful to humans and the prescribed first aid in a bite situation is to thoroughly clean the wound with water and soap along with some mild disinfectant. Make sure that the entire hand is cleaned, particularly the affected area to eliminate possibilities of cross infection. Observe the wound over the next couple of days, and keep cleaning it over and over again. Should the infection aggravate or refuse to go away altogether, seek proper medical advice. These, in their totality will hopefully answer your question, do guinea pigs bite, and what needs to be done should you get bitten.